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The House of Isis and Osiris is a contemporary Mystery School devoted to the Mysteries of Classical Western Paganism. The School is organised through a number of autonomous Houses, each offering a structured programme of training which places the teachings of the past within a vital, contemporary structure.
Rediscover Ancient Egypt - Tehuti Research Foundation - T.R.F. Tehuti Research Foundation (T.R.F.) is a non-profit, international, U.S.-based organization, dedicated to the study of Ancient Egypt. The Kemetic Orthodox Faith On the official Kemetic Orthodoxy website, you will find information on ancient and modern practices of ancient Egyptian religion, links to Kemetic Orthodox clergy, temples, shrines and devotees.
The Ausar Auset Society International - The Ausar Auset Society is a Pan-African religious organization that has been providing Afrocentric based spiritual training to the African-American community and to African descendants in the Diaspora, as well as a social vehicle that allows for the expression of the spiritual values learned, for over 30 years. Based on the indigenous traditional African cultures dating from the earliest documentable periods (Kamit [ancient Egypt], Indus Kush [pre-Aryan Vedantic India], Canaan [Palestine], and Kush [Ethiopia]), the classes taught revolve around the oldest religion known to mankind – the Ausarian religion of ancient Kamit.
Egyptian-Kemetic Reconstructionist Paganism (The Cauldron A Pagan Forum) Kemeticism is a re-creation of the religion of Ancient Egypt, and includes the revival of its belief systems, its spirituality and other relevant aspects of its culture, such as literature and art. It is a belief in the Neteru* (Gods and Goddesses).
 Akhet Hwt-Hrw Temple & School of the Religion of Ancient Egypt - Akhet Hwt-Hrw is a school dedicated to the research, reconstruction and practice of the Ancient Egyptian spiritual tradition.
 The International Network of Kemetics is an organization dedicated to the networking and sharing of knowledge among the practitioners of the Kemetic Faith, and to helping facilitate the reconstruction of the Ancient Egyptian religious practices and culture. It is not a single Temple, school, House or group, but a collection of different groups and individuals working together to help revive the Ancient Egyptian religion.
 Per Ankhis a sisterhood of temples dedicated to the practice of the Kemetic religion (Ancient Egyptian) in the modern world.
The Ancient Egyptian Virtual Temple Welcome to the "Virtual Temple!" The boat is docked and waiting to take you on your journey to explore the realm known as Ancient Egypt or Kemet (KMT) as it was known to the Egyptians themselves. According to these ancient people, Egypt was not just an earthly locality, but in fact a reflection of Heaven Itself.
The Domain of Het-Hert Website dedicated to Hathor
Fellowship of Isis Within these pages, you will find a wide variety of information about the Fellowship of Isis, including each of its societies: the College of Isis, the Spiral of the Adepti, the Spiral of Alchemy, the Druid Clan of Dana, and the Noble Order of Tara.
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Sekhmet - Robert Masters - The Way of the Five Bodies" requires a consciousness which simultaneously differentiates each of the five while, at the same time, all of the five are functionally integrated. There is a metapsychology and a methodology for achieving this ideal and, as well, an underlying metaphysic. The Way is practical and realizable, although extraordinarily demanding.





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