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Essentially, Hermeticism is the ancient philosophy, theory and practice of the inner secrets of man, nature and spirit. It's origins are lost in the mists of prehistory.  Its revivals in the Hellenistic, Renaissance and modern times have often been pale reflections of its real nature. Though much of its records are lost, it has re-risen from the flames like the Phoenix under many different guises. Fragments of this great primal teaching are distributed throughout the world. 

Hermes Trismegistus, its legendary founder, has been called the originator of writing, the sciences and arts, as well as the patron of esoteric teachings and magick. He has been equated as one and the same as Tehuti, Thoth, Enoch and Idris, among many other spiritual teachers at the dawn of human history.

Hermetic teachings have been transmitted through a long line of masters and teachers throughout the ages. Its survival throughout the ages has been accomplished by means of guardians of the holy mysteries. These guardians have emerged from time to time to disclose precious fragments of these timeless teachings.  

The website is the outer vehicle of Miklogard, centered at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, more in the realms of the ideal than the real, a mystic union of the arcane wisdom of the East and West. Miklogard an old Nordic name for Istanbul, means central  enclosure or garden. However this term need not be confined to any place, it can be anywhere, in any heart where the spirit of the timeless unity of the spiritual and occult inheritance of humanity rests. In these times when ancient wisdom and science is slowly being recovered, a spiritual bond uniting all those of like mind, brothers and sisters in the light, is gradually dawning like an invisible numinous silvery thread, and the vision of a New Man and New Earth slowly emerging.