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Bardon, Franz
Franz Bardon Paul Allen's vast website is temporarily unavailable and will be back. We hope.
Franz Bardon Hermetics, Fairy Tales, and Transpersonal Psychology William Mistele's informative swebstie which contains articles and dialogues with nature and divine spirits derive from 25 years of study in the Western Hermetic tradition of Franz Bardon. Almost all of this material is from the author's own personal experience and practice. .
A Bardon Companion Home This excellent website by Rawn Clark features a number of well informed and instructive essays, articles and commentaries on every aspect of the Franz Bardon system.
Hermetics - The Magic and Mysticism of Franz Bardon   Desmontes's website The Magic and Mysticism of Franz Bardon. Includes several basic articles.
Franz Bardon - Joshua Hutchinsens's website dedivcated to Franz Bardon
Franz Bardon Friends This is a communications center for all students of the the magician Franz Bardon, home of the Franz Bardon Magi mailing list and discussion group, the Franz Bardon Web Ring and other features
Franz Bardon Magi by fbfriend A mailing list and discussion group dedicated to the teachings of the Czechoslovakian magician Franz Bardon.
Merkür Publishing. Publishers of Franz Bardon

Bonewits, Isaac
Isaac Bonewits' Homepage

Bulwar-Lytton, Lord
Bulwer-Lytton's Harold
Knebworth House is the historic Hertfordshire home of the Lyttons since 1490.

Campo, Gerald del
Gerald del Campo

Crowley, Aleister
Aleister Crowley
Aleister Crowley's Home Page
Aleister Crowley - The Great Beast Speaks

DuQuette, Lon Milo

Greer, John Michael
Ars Memorativa - The Hermetic Art of Memory
The Magical Lodge - First Principles
The Magical Lodge - Patterns in Space and Time
An Introduction to the Corpus Hermeticum
Fir Mountain Press
Circles of Power
Paths of Wisdom
The Art of Memory
TWPT Talks with John Michael Greer
The Tree of Life and the Wheel of the Year Revisited

Heidrick, Bill
The Magick and Mysticism of Bill Heidrick

Hine, Phil
Fifth Aeon Egregore

Hulse, David Allen

Homepage of David Allen Hulse

Welcome to the Official Konstantinos Web Site

Melchior, Frater

Modern Rosicrucian groups

Tyson, Donald
Donald Tyson Home Page

Spare, Austin Osman