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Hermetic Crossroads - Hermetic Crossraods is a group connected to the website and Hermes Publications and is dedicated to discussions on Ancient Mysteries and their remnants, Egyptian and Chaldean Mysteries, Paganism, Hermeticism, Rosicrucianism, Sufism, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the Sabians of Harran, Islamic Magic, Apollonius of Tyana, Pythagoras, Neo-Platonism, alchemy, astrology, tarot, geomancy, divination, scrying, theurgy, magic/k, astral projection, the Kabbalah, the healing arts, Tantra, Taoism, Franz Bardon; Evola, Gurdjieff etc., especially, but not exclusively, as they relate to Asia Minor (Turkey), and its neighbors. An area that once played an active role in these subjects. English is the preferred language of communication, and if you are visiting Turkey or are a resident, we would like to hear from you.

Hermetic-Order-of-the-Golden-Dawn The Golden Dawn Forum is a gathering place for the entire esoteric community provided by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. The Forum is open to everyone to freely share ideas in an unmoderated environment about Golden Dawn related topics, including: Golden Dawn based temples and orders, Initiation, Ritual Magic (Theurgy), Alchemy, Astrology, Qabalah, Enochiana, Divination, Egyptian and Greek Mysteries, God Forms, Scrying, Pathworking, Guided Visualization, Magical Implements, Tarot, and Geomancy.

Golden-Dawn-Group The Golden Dawn system as it is known today is very different then the Golden Dawn 117 years ago. With all of the Golden Dawn material published and various offshoots from the original Order the system has grown in ways which cannot be ignored by those aspirants seriously dedicating themselves to the system. This Golden Dawn group has been created to unite all Golden Dawn practitionners around the world in the spirit of open-minded communication and Fraternal bond. All members of this forum, Neophytes as well as Adepti of all GD groups are welcome to share their views. Please respect one another in all matters of discussion. Let us maintain a high standard of Brotherly love and may the teachings of all groups merge that all may benefit from the work we each perform as individual Temples and Orders.

Ritual-Magic A low-noise mailing list for practitioners of occult philosophy and/or ritual magic other than popular Golden Dawn, Thelemic and Wiccan systems. All serious participants are welcome.

Franz Bardon Magi - This list is dedicated to the discussion of the teachings of the Czech Magician Franz Bardon (1909-1958). He was ordained by Divine Providence to reveal the Mysteries of the first three Keys of the Tarot. This was accomplished in the form of three books, "Initiation into Hermetics," "The Practice of Magical Evocation," and "The Key to the True Kabbalah." Our discussion is primarily concerned with these texts. For more information, please visit the homepage listed below.

Eliphas Levi Society This group is a forum for study and discussion of the works and magical philosophy of Alphonse Louis Constant (1810-1875), better known by his nom de plume Eliphas Levi.

Magick Tools Pentacles,Wands, Cups, Incence and more... Search archive for many different magick tools projects learn exactly how to make them. From candles to wands this club can help you create the specific tool you need and can not buy.

Thelema93-l - dedicated to the discussion of "Thelema" by any understanding, inclusive of topics ranging from magick, mysticism, religion and philosophy, writers like Rabelais and Crowley, and organizations such as "the OTO," "the A.'.A.'.," and "the Thelemic Golden Dawn", to tangental but pertinent discussions of these or other subjects relating to Thelema in imaginative ways. We hope to encourage a diversity of expression and a minimization of unwanted chatter. at this time we'd like to encourage contributions to the elist on the following topics: * analysis of Thelemic magick, ritual and scripture * Will-based Philosophies and Principles generally and * nonCrowleyan Thelema.

Advanced Yoga Practices - "Advanced Yoga Practices - Easy Lessons for Ecstatic Living" Easy-to-follow instructions on deep meditation, spinal breathing pranayama, tantric sexual methods, advanced mudras/bandhas and much more. The AYP lessons comprise an open, integrated system of practices that is as pragmatic as it is profound in its results. Here are over 250 Free Lessons on Advanced Yoga Practices that comprise some of the original source material for books by Yogani: The author of the Internet lessons and books, Yogani, is an American spiritual scientist with many years’ experience in blending powerful Yoga methods with the modern lifestyle. The lessons and practices are non-sectarian. Access to the lessons is immediate upon joining. You can reply to any lesson here, and it will go to the author. Your input may be used anonymously in a Q&A for the benefit of all, unless you request otherwise. This is a moderator-posted group. The lessons begin with #10, “Why This Discussion?” This is the best place to start. No lessons are missing, though several numbers are deleted due to editing.Each is responsible for their own spiritual progress, and for the methods applied. What you do with the information in these lessons is your call. It is hoped you will find the AYP lessons to be an aid on your path. Enjoy! The guru is in you.

RAMAKRISHNA Sri Ramakrishna (1836-1886) The list focuses on the lives and teachings of Sri Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda and the Holy Mother. With prayers to Sri Ramakrishna to bless the work of this list in promoting spirituality.Vivekananda Centre London

Atlantis-History This is a group to discuss Atlantis as well as ancient history in general. I try to keep up with the latest news in archeology.

"REAL MAGICK" For discussion of Real Magick and the Occult with practitioners of all styles.

"THE MAGICAL LIBRARY" For the discussion of Occult Books and Antiquarian Book Collecting.

"FRANZ BARDON ROOM" For the discussion of the works of Franz Bardon.

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