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ArtMagick A truly wonderful and stunning site. Evocative, enchanting, fabulous works by great masters.
Austin Osman Spare Archive A very important figure in figure in magick and magical art. A true sorcerer in life and with the brush. 
Austin Osman Spare Although he fascinated all who met him, Spare remained a recluse. He worked from a small basement flat in Brixton, and the last 30 years of his life were spent in the decaying back streets of South London.  A solitary individual, he greatly enjoyed the companionship of cats.
Nicholas Roerich Museum Roerich was an important Russian esoteric writer, explorer and writer. His paintings of Tibet convey the mystical wonder of this lost and majestic land.   
The Occult Art Gallery Maintained by Caduceus Books. The Occult Art Gallery. A truly extraordinary gallery with many artists mostly of  the Thelemic current.  Many of the well known such as Lady Fride Harris who painted the Thoth/"Crowley" deck, Crowley, Spare, Rosaleen Norton and Nema.    
The Occult Art of Rosaleen Norton (1917 - 1979) Rosaleen Norton was born in New Zealand in 1917. She was an amazing artist with a strong connection to the otherworldy planes. She was ostracized for her pagan beliefs which were well ahead of their time. Several of her exhibits were charged with "obscenity" resulting in court trials. She died a recluse. 
Nu-Ikon Virtual Art Gallery Vestibule.  Maat Magick at work of Nema
Art History - For The Next Generation An extensive museum-like gallery with 1800 images, and information on painters throughout the ages..
Mythic Naturalism : The Goddess Art of Jonathon Earl Bowser - Mythic Naturalist Painter 
Simvolika - The Universal Language of the Unseen
Asian Arts_ Galleries
Picture files of the old Masters and some modern like Dali etc.
Magical Art from Sulamith Wulfing with healing images of angels ...
Magical Fantasy Art of Steve A. Roberts Fantasy art,of Dragons, Wizards and other creatures of myth and legend by illustrator Steve A Roberts.
Fantasy art many links