"Understand, ye sons of the wise,

what this exceeding precious stone proclaims . . .

And my light conquers every light,

and my virtues are more excellent than all virtues . . .

I beget the light, but the darkness too is of my nature . . ."

-- Hermes the Thrice Great


Alchemy Links



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The Alchemy Virtual Library Adam Maclean's ultimate site on alchemy with thousands of pages of on-line texts and images."Over 90 megabytes online of information on alchemy in all its facets. Divided into over 1300 sections and providing tens of thousands of pages of text, over 2000 images, over 200 complete alchemical texts, extensive bibliographical material on the printed books and manuscripts, numerous articles, introductory and general reference material on alchemy."

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Alchemy Lab Alchemy Lab is a mega-website loaded with tons of information and resources about the ancient art of transformation. Visit our Art Gallery, take a Personal Alchemy Quiz, or peruse our free classifieds.

madde ižareti Ages of Alchemy A very elaborate site, highly informative, includes practical alchemy and lessons.
madde ižareti Heredom "It has been pointed out that the primary purpose of Heredom is the sharing of accurate information about practical lab and inner alchemy - focused on eventual experiment in the acetate work and advanced inner transformation. This means these forums are primarily practical, experimental and tutorial." Rubaphilos Online
madde ižareti Corpus Stavish Mark Stavish's site has a number of interesting articles on practical alchemy
madde ižareti Spiritual Alchemy an article by Karen-Claire Voss
madde ižareti Rubellus Petrinus Alchemy symbolic and operative. Vegetable spagyrics including the great vegetable arcana, the First Being, and salt volatilization. Fine forces, such as revealed by Kirlian Photography. Lots of info
madde ižareti Flamel College "is the largest Hermetic education portal on the Internet and is open to anyone seeking instruction and certification in the Hermetic Sciences and Esoteric Arts. Founded in 1968 in Vienna, Austria, the college began as regular meetings of European alchemists studying in the tradition of Nicolas Flamel. Those informal meetings gradually grew into an international college with students and instructors in over twenty-five countries."
madde ižareti Paracelsus College in Adelaide, Australia, is dedicated to the "conscious evolution of the individual within the context of his or her physical existence."
madde ižareti The Alchemy Institute of Sacred Sexuality "Despite popular misunderstandings about a gold-making pseudo-science, alchemy is in reality a system using love and sexuality as tools for spiritual development. Thus western, Hermetic alchemy and sexual magick bear great similarity both to Eastern Tantra and to Taoist sexual practice, yet remain nonetheless uniquely Occidental in their symbolism and methodology."
madde ižareti From Alchemy to Chemistry: Five Hundred Years of Rare and Interesting Books University of Illinois Rare Book & Special Collections Library
madde ižareti Symbols Encyclopedia This extraordinary site has 2500 on line symbols, and their explanations. 
madde ižareti Alchemy as a Path to Integration Article at the Florida based Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn Site.
madde ižareti Spagyria - A Metaphysical Laboratory  "The information contained in our in-depth educational on-line publication section is unique, it can be found nowhere else in the world. The information concerning capillary-dynamolysis has been fervently sought after by many persons for years. After a search that included contacting persons in many European countries, we were able to find this information. We are pleased and proud to bring it to you here free of charge"
madde ižareti Rosicrucian Alchemy and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn Excellent Article at the  Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn website.
madde ižareti Crucible   "The concept of Imaginatio is the most important key to understanding the alchemical Opus. We have to conceive of these imaginal processes not as the immaterial phantoms that we readily take fantasy pictures to be, but as something corporeal, a subtle body. The Imaginatio, or the act of imagining, was a physical activity that could be fitted into the cycle of material changes, that brought these about and was brought about by them in turn. The alchemist related himself not only to the unconscious but directly to the very substance that he hoped to transform through the power of imagination."   - Carl Jung
madde ižareti The Alchemy Museum in Kutna Hora &  Magical Journeys in Bohemia "This site, as it continues to develop,brings you an expanding treasury of information about the history and legends of Bohemia and Moravia,with a focus on their esoteric aspects, particularly Alchemy, and their continuing living traditions."
madde ižareti The Hermetic College at Roztez
madde ižareti Jacob Boehme Resources "This page collects existing resources from the WWW on the work, world, and influence of Jacob Boehme, and adds some of my own resources, in an effort to support research and teaching on Boehme." 
madde ižareti The Hermetic Garden "Alchemy symbolizes all that Man can aspire to spiritually become in his present state. The promises of gold, longevity and health are symbols of inner regeneration, and refer to the Golden Age of Indo-European Tradition that we find both in Platonic Dialogues and in the traditions of Ancient India. Alchemy itself is the great symbol of the Initiatic Path, which is a solitary and difficult road, filled with obstacles, but that is the only path to follow in order to return Home. By your own efforts, try to understand this Art."
madde ižareti Ambix: the Journal for the Society for the History of Alchemy & Chemistry Founded in 1937, SHAC has consistently maintained the highest standards of scholarship in all aspects of the history of alchemy and chemistry from early times to the present. To this goal, we hold annual meetings, offer prizes and publish the journal Ambix.
madde ižareti Alchemy Websites Hundreds of Internet Sites Devoted to Ancient and Modern Alchemy.
madde ižareti Alchemical Symbols


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The Golden Elixir "The Golden Elixir is an introduction to some facets of the history and doctrines of Chinese alchemy. It consists of a collection of articles, primary sources, bibliographic tools and other materials"

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Embodying Perfection Website "This is the website of Panel 7, "Embodying Perfection: Self-Cultivation Traditions in Pre-Modern China" (Sponsored by Society for the Study of Chinese Religions)"

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Chinese Alchemy txt "This bibliography lists titles of books and articles in Western languages on different aspects of Chinese alchemy."

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Alchemical Taoism This website contains a number of essays, diagrams, theory, and practices having to do, largely, with Mantak Chia's "Healing Tao" (HT) system of qi gong.