"There is no Religion higher than Truth"

 Helena Petrovna Blavatsky


Theosophy Links



Adyar Home of the Theosophical Society
United Lodge of Theosophists
Theosophy Library Online Homepage Lots of online articles and books
Blavatsky Archives Online Likewise 
Canadian Theosophical Association promoting the knowledge of theosophy and all wisdom teachings with a web page loaded with many on-line documents
Blavatsky Net Foundation "This site focuses on Madame Blavatsky and her teaching - Theosophy. It features an introduction to Theosophy, study aids, original text of Theosophy, supporting evidence, membership, and visitor interaction."
Theosophical University Press Likewise
Theosophical History "This web site is a collaborative effort of serious students of all aspects of theosophy, with an emphasis on the wave of occultism, spiritualism, New Age thought and Theosophy as it has developed during the last 150 years. Our web site is intended to be a 21st-century “Notes and Queries”—a clearinghouse for information on original sources, archival material and recent work of interest alike to scholars and all serious students of these matters."
Logia Unidad de la Seccion Mexicana de la Sociedad Teosofica
La Loge Unie des Theosophes 
United Lodge of Theosophists, Malmo, Sweden