"The initiatic system intensely facilitates personal as well as spiritual development through a systematic program of ritual initiation and spiritual disciplines. Theurgy, contrary to popular misunderstanding, is primarily a tool for Self realization and transformation, rather than merely a means of causing change in the outer world."

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madde işareti The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn ® "The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn® and the Ordo Rosae Rubeae et Aureae Crucis, R. R. et A. C.® are two divisions of an initiatic and magical Order which were founded by high-ranking Freemasons (Woodman, Wescott, and MacGregor Mathers) in England in 1888 and 1892 respectively. Although the exact origins of the Order remain obscure as well as controversial, its historical importance lies primarily in its brilliant synthesis of mythical and magical material from such varied sources as the Fama Fraternitatis (the first published Rosicrucian document), The Egyptian Book of the Dead, Cornelius Agrippa, Tycho Brahe, and John Dee. Since the publication of salient aspects of the Order's theurgical system by Israel Regardie, the Order has impacted nearly every aspect of the western esoteric community. Today the Ordo Rosae Rubeae et Aureae Crucis, R. R. et A. C. operates Temples of The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn around the world, as well as a fully consecrated Vault of the Adepti." Also the site of Reverenda Confoederatio et Sincera Fraternitatis ad Rosae Crucis, a world-wide confederation of Independent and Autonomous Golden Dawn Temples. 
madde işareti The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn INC "The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn is a non-profit Florida corporation whose goal is the continued preservation of that body of knowledge known as Hermeticism or the Western Esoteric Tradition. This organization promotes the teachings of the original Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, a magical fraternity founded in London in 1888 by Dr. William Wynn Westcott and Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers, which ceased to exist under that name in 1903 but which continued for a number of years under the names of two spin-off organizations, the Stella Matutina and the Alpha et Omega."
madde işareti The Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn We are a community of magickal practitioners, mostly of Pagan background, who have gathered to work the Golden Dawn System. Since most of the original order's material is published, and the world is very different from what it was at the start of the 20th century, we don't operate in secrecy or keep secrets save what is needed for confidentiality or security.
madde işareti The Magic Circle - Frater Alastor. Online Golden Dawn Documents.
madde işareti Mitch's Golden Dawn and Hermetic Resources An important resource G.D. site. Recommended.  
madde işareti Golden Dawn FAQ Steven Cranmer's G.D. FAQ has all the key facts about G.D. history, teachings, members, and offshoots, updated frequently. 
madde işareti BOTA Home Page"A Non-Profit Corporation Based on the Mystical-Occult Teachings and Practices of the Holy Qabalah and Sacred Tarot Founded by Dr. Paul Foster Case Extended by Dr. Ann Davies"
madde işareti Fraternity of the Hidden LightThe Fraternity of the Hidden Light is a non-profit organization founded a decade ago by Rev. Paul A. Clark and a handful of Initiates of high grade. The Mother Temple was established in Southern California (U.S.A.) with Rev. Clark as the Steward of the Order.
madde işareti Orden Hermetica de la Golden Dawn "Aurora Dorada" in Argentina.
madde işareti Golden Dawn, Potencia en Habla Hispana
madde işareti Golden Dawn-West Palm Beach, Florida"We are forming a group here in West Palm Beach devoted to spiritual development in the Golden Dawn occult tradition. There are others, we think, who may have been practicing solo for some time now and have come to the realization that progress becomes difficult without companions on the path."
madde işareti Golden Dawn Links
madde işareti The Cipher ManuscriptsThis site has copies of the original cipher manuscript in image form, page by page.
madde işareti Original G:.D:. Pentagram Ritual "Here you will find a complete copy of an original G:.D:. document from the New Zealand branch of the Order. This document is the Pentagram lecture, referred to as the Pentagram ritual."
madde işareti The Hall of the NeophyteSelf explanatory site... You have to work it out.
madde işareti Golden Dawn Gallery"This is a picture gallery for an in-progress essay about Arthur Machen and his association with the Order of the Golden Dawn."
madde işareti The LVX-L Mailing List
madde işareti Regardie The Art & Meaning of MagicIf you have not read this little out of print book and appended articles it is highly recommended
madde işareti Sanctum Sanctorum Golden Dawn ResourcesA nice site to visit with on-line PDF texts and other attractions. Home of the Golden dawn Web Ring.
madde işareti The Golden Dawn Library Project"The Golden Dawn Library project is a collective effort to see the entire corpus of materials deriving from the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, a fraternal, magical order of the 19th century through to the present day, available online. This library will contain as many Golden Dawn and Golden Dawn derived documents as can be found. These documents will be keyed in by volunteers who wish to see these materials available."The project is being organized by Al Billings.
madde işareti Golden Dawn Resources
madde işareti Yahoo! Clubs the Golden Dawn meeting place
madde işareti DAATH  
madde işareti M. Alan Kazev's The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn Part of a vast web site.
madde işareti A. E. Waite Dedicated to the G.D. member, with much information and on-line texts. 
madde işareti Order of the Twilight Star Homepage, Dedicated to the works of Arthur Machan More fun and games
madde işareti Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn  Formerly the Eterrnal Golden Dawn, then the Hermetic Ordre of the Moring Star and now the Esoteric Order of the Golden, an organization set up in Canada, issuing lessons scanned from Regardie's Golden Dawn, giving "astral initiation."