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 Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

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Bön, Bonpo

The Bonpo's Tradition "Tibet's oldest spiritual tradition is Bön. According to Bönpo accounts, eighteen enlightened teachers will appear in this aeon and Tönpa Shenrab, the founder of the Bön religion, is the enlightened teacher of this age."

Buddhism, Tibet and Shambhala

Websites on Buddhism An extensive site on Tibetan Buddhism 

Tibetan Government in Exile's Official Web Site "This site is maintained and updated by The Office of Tibet, the official agency of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in London."
Shambhala Center Shambhala is a worldwide network of meditation centers providing instruction, classes and programs, founded by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, a master of the Shambhala and Tibetan Buddhist traditions
Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche One of the must influential Tibetan writer and teacher (see above).0  "The Vidyadhara Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche (1939-1987) was the 11th descendent in the line of Trungpa tülkus.. Already installed as the head of the Surmang monasteries in eastern Tibet, Chögyam Trungpa was forced to flee the country in 1959, at the age of 20...  In 1963, Chögyam Trungpa moved to England to study comparative religion, philosophy, and fine arts under a Spaulding Fellowship at Oxford University. In 1969, he published Meditation in Action, the first of fourteen books on the spiritual path published during his lifetime..."
Dzogchen Foundation Dzogchen - "The "Innate Great Perfection" is the Heart-Essence Teaching of the Non-Sectarian Practice Lineage of Tibetan  Buddhism -  Lama Surya Das - The Dzogchen Center"
Nyingma Center Volunters Program: Offers a unique opportunity to unite practical accomplishment with spiritual development supported by Buddhist study and practice.
Mistaken Foreign Beliefs About Shamballah - By Alexander Bezin - Many foreign myths have grown around the legend of Shambhala found in the Kalachakra literature. Some were spread to win military or political support, such as the identification of Russia, Mongolia, or Japan as Shambhala. Others appeared within occult movements and mixed Buddhist ideas with concepts from other systems of belief. Several even spawned expeditions to find the fabled land.
A Vision of Shambhala A fantastic vision of Shamballah, with its cities and denizens as told by Khamtrul Rinpochey.
The Magic life of Milarepa A short illustrated account of the incredible life of Tibet's greatest yogi.


Confucius Publsihing Co This site contains the Lun Yu (499 sayings of Confucius) in 23 languages and a varying amount of other Confucius related contents for each language. You may access them through the Language Sub-menus column on the left below, or by clicking the English descriptions in the Contents column on the right directly

Hinduism and Yoga

Indology Internet Resources for Indology Studies 

Sivananda Yoga Om Page - Vedanta, Jnana, Hatha, Bhakti, Raja, Karma, Dhyana Yogas, Asanas, Pranayama, vegetarian diet
Books by Swami Krishnananda - The Divine Life Society. This site has some interesting on-line texts. "The Official Website of Swami Krishnananda, the Divine life Society, Sivanada Ashram, Rishikesh, Himalayas, India"
Hindu Books and Authors "Featuring Complete Text of Over 75 Books [on-line] on Various Aspects of Hindu Dharma"
Welcome to the 3HO Website For over 30 years, the 3HO Foundation, an international, non-profit organization, has been the custodian of the practice of Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga.  It is dedicated to the excellence of the individual and serves people through the teachings, technology and lifestyle of Kundalini Yoga. This sacred yogic discipline, embraced by people all over the world, promotes physical health, stimulates the potential of the mind, and touches one's innermost being.
Anandamarga Ananda Marga is an international social service organization with branches in over 160 countries representing every continent.
Self-Realization Fellowship Founded by the celebrated author of "Autobiography of a Yogi", Paramahansa Yoganada in 1920. A pupil by Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri, whose teaching of Kriya Yoga is derived from the immortal Babaji.
Ananda, source for the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda
Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramhansa Yogananda, the complete online edition 
Center for Spiritual Awareness Our international headquarters is located in the low mountain region of northeast Georgia, U.S.A. Our spiritual director is Roy Eugene Davis, a direct disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda.
Yoganiketan - Kriya Yoga This site has some interesting on-line texts. "This shrine is not affiliated to any Kriya Yoga organization. The individuals who run this site humbly  provide information to all sincere seekers who wish to learn more of the Divine Wisdom and practice of  Kriya Yoga. This site is created and maintained by Y O G A N I K E T A N,  Portland Maine, USA 04102" 
Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God Yoga, Divine Love and God realization Contains numerous articles
Yoga.com Serving all types of yoga.
Sant Mat - International Homepage "The Master teaches that our inner life is not to be confused with the outer life and that we have to add the higher life of soul to our normal worldly life. The soul is connected to the God-Power."  Sant Thakar Singh is a Sikh teacher.
Sahaja Yoga Meditation and Self Realization
Badari Ka Ahsrama "Badarikashrama is located in the serene San Leandro foothills 20 miles from San Francisco. Sri LaxshmiNarayana,Sri Durga Devi, Sri Mahadeva (Shivalinga) and Sri Ganesha are worshipped daily in the ashrama s peaceful mandir."


The Osho Experience " I am not Billy Graham, I am not here to inspire you. This is a totally different phenomenon. In fact I am not even religious; I am not spiritual at all. All these labels are utterly irrelevant. "

Tantra, Chakra and Kundalini

SivaSakti.com - In-depth Yoga Resource A very user friendly site full of information on every aspect of Tantra and Yoga

Hindu Tantric Home Page- Tantra, or more properly tantrika, is a diverse and rich spiritual tradition of the Indian sub-continent. Although in recent years it has become associated with sexuality, in reality this is one aspect of what is a way of life. There remains an ocean of tantrik literature still to be discovered and translated, spanning a period of time which at least reaches back to the 10th century c.e. 

Gopi Krishna In 1967 he published his first major book in India, Kundalini--The Evolutionary Energy in Man (currently available under the title Living With Kundalini). Shortly thereafter it was published in Great Britain and the United States and has since appeared in eleven major languages. The book presented to the Western world for the first time a clear and concise autobiographical account of the phenomenon of the forceful awakening of Kundalini, which he had experienced in 1937, and the long process by which he eventually attained the perennially transformed or sahaja state of consciousness. This book, and the sixteen other published works by Gopi Krishna have generated a steadily growing interest in the subjects of consciousness and the evolution of the brain.

Kundalini Information & Kundalini Network This Great site has lots of information on the dangers of early arousal of kundalini. In Scandinavia, several people who themselves had experienced a Kundalini process, got together and formed a network to help themselves and others. Up to now, the network has had contact with ca. 500 people with Kundalini arousal. Our attempt is to create a forum where different opinions and viewpoints available on the subject, can meet and interact, hopefully enabling further understanding of what contact with these Kundalini energies implies.
Asiatica Association Check the subsite "International Journal of Tantric Studies" 
KUNDALINI YOGA - FREE On-Line Training for beginners - also our Popular Mailing List. Major resource center. Home of the Kundalini Yoga Mailing List and also for FREE Online Kundalini Yoga Classes for beginners.
Kundalini SpiritWeb: A Collection of Kundalini Resources: "``Kundalini'' literally means coiling, like a snake. In the classical literature of hatha yoga kundalini is described as a coiled serpent at the base of the spine. The image of coiling, like a spring, conveys the sense of untapped potential energy. Perhaps more meaningfully kundalini can be described as a great reservoir of creative energy at the base of the spine."
SHARED TRANSFORMATION "Kundalini is the agent of self-transformation on the physical, mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual levels."
Kundalini Research Foundation, 
New Millennium Being - Opening a new window on the mysteries of Astrology! Kundalini, Meditation A new window on the mysteries of astrology with Gururattan K. Khalsa Ph.D. A fascinating blend of Astrology, Kundalini Yoga, Spiritualism and Meditation. Now published in English, Portuguese & Spanish.
The Church of Tantra Real "Tantra" is a rigorous spiritual discipline and a vast field of study, with the sexual aspect being an important part of it. Mystical experiences and altered states of consciousness result from many of the processes, especially the ones with sexual energy at their core. The act of ritual lovemaking is a participation in cosmic and divine processes. The experience of transcending space and time, of surpassing the phenomenal duality of spirit and matter, of recovering the primal unity, the realization of the identity of God/Goddess, Shiva/Shakti and of the manifested and unmanifested aspects of the All: these constitute the very mystery of Tantra.
Dr Jonn Mumford - Mind Magik 8 "Dr Mumford is a International Yoga Lecturer and Author.  He is a direct disciple of Yogamaharishi Dr Swami Gitananda Giri Guru Maharaj (South India) and Paramhansa Swami Satyananda Saraswati, Bihar (North India)."
Ask me about Chakras, the Spiritual Centers Dr. Mumford "The spiritual energy centers of the body... which in balance help keep us healthy both physically and emotionally. Much information on them can be found by studying Ayurveda and Yoga."
Yoga Magik Dr Mumford's Yoga Magik - International Correspondence Course
A No-thought Meditation Osho.com "Over a thirty-five year period hundreds of thousands of people from every walk of life were drawn to Osho. They asked questions, he answered. They read sutras to him, and he talked about them. The talks were recorded, and later filmed on video, transcribed into hundreds of books and translated into dozens of languages."
Tantra in America The Tantric Order of America 
Kundalini Tantra  "Our world will remain broken as long as the individual remains broken. Our world will become whole when the individual becomes whole. We cannot create a healthy society out of unhealthy people. Those who rule by fear create broken people and societies. Our churches, cultures, governments have taught us to be cripples. We must stop being crippled and become complete in ourselves. Only then can we begin to heal a world broken in fear to feed power. One by one we heal the world and each other. Thank you for helping." Contains many articles.
Sacred Sex Articles on Tantra, karezza, P.B. Randolph and sacred sex by Katherine Yronwode
MartinMyst's Hideout Contains two articles on Tantra, as well as articles onYoga, Zen and the Vedas
Kundalini Complications "This is a partial list of the complications that can arise from a Kundalini awakening, particularly if one tries to force an awakening that their mind and body will be unprepared for when overwhelmed, or worse, by a premature Kundalini eruption" This an important site with several interesting articles by responsible and authorized persons. 
Kundalini Survival & Support "Increasing numbers of individuals are having Kundalini awakenings from spiritual practices and spontaneously. When Kundalini energy begins to ascend up the spine, these awakenings can be intense, sometimes with complications. This site provides non-sectarian information about Kundalini along with articles by people undergoing Kundalini awakenings."
KUNDALINI YOGA - Try our FREE On-Line Training for Beginners -  Shakti the Serpent bids you "Sat Nam!" and welcome to Kundalini Yoga, the mother of all yogas and the most powerful yoga known. As brought to the West in 1969 by Yogi Bhajan, it produces results 16 times faster than ordinary yoga. Contains an extensive online course. 
Historical Sources & of Knowledge Kundalini This excellent article is one of many online articles from the Australian Knowledge of Reality Magazine site
Process of kundalini awakening or arousal: She is beautiful as a chain of lightning / and fine as a (lotus) fibre,/ and shines in the minds of the sages. /She is extremely subtle, / the awakener of pure knowledge, / the embodiment of bliss, / whose true nature is pure consciousness. Satcakra-Nirupana. This site comes from the personal experience of a Kundalini release and the desire to share the resources and stories that have been helpful to me. May the Goddess Kundalini bless all who visit this site.
Kundalini Resource Center (European Site) Contains articles and features.
Developmental Techniques for Tantra-Sex Magic by Fra. Geh Mad 
Thoughts on fantasy and its relevance to Tantra by Rose Dawn Scott 
Tantra-The Path of Ecstasy by True L. Fellows 
POPULAR TANTRA: A Pair of Examples Taken from 'Meditation' Magazine
AMOOKOS and the Nath Ganas 
Tantric Sex Una MacDonoghue on the joys of sexual ecstasy through Tantra.
Tantra Links 
Chakra Therapy - The healing properties of gemstones applied to chakras.
The Human Energy Field
Yoga Technology- Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Tantric sex, Chakras, Women's Empowerment
chakras, spiritual bodies, Dynamic Meditation, Kundalini Mindbodyspirit Internet Magazine by Subject
Kundalini Resource Center (US Mainland Site)
Tantric Balancing Q & A Through massage.
SacredCenters "Chakras are centers of activity for the reception, assimilation, and transmission of vital life energies."
Tantra.com Sacred Sexuality - Tantra - Kama Sutra
TANTRAWORKS "Welcome to TantraWorks, an interactive Tantra guide, data base and resource for loving seekers of spiritual liberation, created by Nik Douglas author of several important works on Tantra including the best-seller,"Sexual Secrets: The Alchemy of Ecstasy"
Ralph Adamson's Lele Aka Internet Gallery
Ralph Adamson's Third Eye Visions Exhibit



Universal Tao Center The sight of the Taoist Master Mantak Chia

Tai Chi & Taoism There exists a long history of movement and exercise systems which are associated with Taoism. In some sense one can see elements of all of these as contributing to the climate from which Tai Chi emerged.

Taoism, or the Way by Judith Berling A brief but informative article highlighting major trends in Taoism
The Golden Elixir - Chinese Alchemy