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The Hermetics Resource Site was established to provide online resources to a growing community of individuals seeking answers to age old questions, as well as those who need study material to aid their inner quest.

Throughout history a body of knowledge has existed providing a philosophy of life that is attuned to the true nature of things with clear instructions and methods for self-realization and transformation. Hermeticism, Hermetism and Hermetics is one name for this body of knowledge.  

Essentially, Hermeticism is the ancient philosophy, theory and practice of the inner secrets of man, nature and spirit. It's origins are lost in the mists of prehistory.  Its revivals in the Hellenistic, Renaissance and modern times have often been pale reflections of its real nature. Though much of its records are lost, it has re-risen from the flames like the Phoenix under many different guises. Fragments of this great primal teaching are distributed throughout the world. 

The ancients have called Hermes Trismegistus, its legendary founder, the originator of writing, the sciences and arts, as well as the patron of esoteric teachings, alchemy, astrology and theurgy. He has been equated as one and the same as Tehuti, Thoth, Enoch and Idris, among many other spiritual teachers at the dawn of human history.

Hermetic teachings have been transmitted through a long line of masters and teachers throughout the ages. Its survival throughout the ages has been accomplished by means of guardians of the holy mysteries. These guardians have emerged from time to time to disclose precious fragments of these timeless teachings.