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The Underground Astrologer  The basics 

ISAR-The International Society for Astrological Research ISAR is dedicated to encouraging the highest standards of quality in astrology. We do that in several ways: by promoting data accuracy and the reporting of original sources, by networking with other organizations to provide the best astrological educational services available anywhere, by sponsoring research to help build the body of proven scientific evidence relevant to astrology, and by encouraging the study of Mundane Astrology and the correlation of astrological signatures to current social, political, and economic issues
Astrological Association of Great Britain The Astrological Association of Great Britain of one of Europe's leading astrological organisations, bringing together astrologers from all over the world. On this website you'll find news, views and features from some of the leading lights in the astrological world, and if you're a member of the AA you can access our database crammed with astrological data on thousands of notable people and events
Astrologica - welcome to Astrologica - free horoscopes  Free horoscopes, tutorials, and software: On-line chart calculations of daily transits and weekly previsions, compatibility readings, and birth chart interpretation with graphics and chart databases, natal and medical astrology textbooks online, and Windows based astrology calculation and analysis programs for non-commercial purposes available for download.
Astrology Articles & Information This site has many on-line articles, books and lesson on a wide variety of astrological subjects. Including Jyotish, Sideral and Chinese. 
National Council for Geocosmic Research, Inc.  
American Federation of Astrologers 
Faculty of Astroloical Studies
Astrology The astrology section of the Australian New Age Library is a site with many interesting articles. 
Arhat - Archieves for the retrieval of historical astrological texts - Robert Hand 
Steven and Jodie Forrest's Website--Alpha Lyra Consulting Practicing the Astrology of Choice, Imagination and Freedom
Astrodienst Online - Astrology website of astrologer Liz Green
Astrology - Metalog  Links to sub-directories: the Astrological Association of Great Britain, Directory of Astrologers, Apollon, a Journal of Psychological Astrology, the Centre of Astrological Studies etc.
Astrology in the Age of Aquarius - Achernar Contains much info and articles.
Griffith Observatory Moon Phases 1997-2014
The Moon
The New Age Web Works - Phase Of The Moon
Yahoo! Astrology Home
Kepler College of Astrological Arts and Sciences - Welcome To Kepler College
M-Comp, I Ching, Alchemy, Astrology, and Kabbalah
THE LINK LOUNGE, page 1Here you will find many more astrology links.

Vedic, Jyotish

Jyotish_Vedic_Hindu Astrology Books Index 

Sai Sree Vedic Astrology Center 

New Millennium Being - Opening a new window on the mysteries of Astrology! A new window on the mysteries of astrology with Gururattan K. Khalsa Ph.D. A fascinating blend of Astrology, Kundalini Yoga, Spiritualism and Meditation. Now published in English, Portuguese & Spanish.


Sideral AstrologyThe definite site on sideral astrology with lots of interesting articles.


Chinese Astrology


Free Astrology Software-Programs - Astro123, MatchMkr, AstroWin, and More This website contains free astrology programs for all interested persons. Astro123 allows you to generate natal chart reports for your family and friends. AstroWin has tons of calculations such as progressions, transits, solar and lunar returns, astro-locality, and much more. Several programs contain source code so you may develop your own astrology programs. There's more. There's an astroclock program, a planetary hours program, a transits program with daily transit reports, a midpoint program - check them all out here

Astrolog Downloads A small freeware program with a surprising number of features.

clySmic Software - Lunabar A freeware taskbar program that displays the current lunar phase and zodiacal position of the moon, among other features.

Halloran Software - Astrology Programs and Books Why are we the only astrology software company to offer a 30-day money-back guarantee? We have reliable astrology programs. Astrology for Windows and AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter are producing satisfied messages, not calls for technical support.
Lois Rodden's AstroDatabank Our software and website are used by both beginners and professionals to improve their craft.  
Time Cycles Research for Mac If you are using Macintosh 
Astrolabe Software Solar Fire version 5.1 - First produced in 1992, Solar Fire has been expanding ever since to become the most popular astrological calculation package for professionals, amateurs and students alike. Earlier versions brought an unprecedented level of ease to casting and working with astrological charts. The current version adds many more calculations, extra convenience features, more interpretive text, and exciting new kinds of graphic displays. And, with the built-in ACS PC Atlas, you'll have access to the most up-to-date time zone, latitude and longitude information for over 252,000 places in the world!
Alphee Lavoie's AIR SOFTWARE Programs: Startrax Millenium, Rectification, Nostradamus, Astro Investigator, Right Decision, Locality Map, etc.

Astrologers and/or Commercial

The metalog directory of astrologers

Celebrity.Astrology.Net - Table of ContentsThis site also has articles and features of interest.
Real Astrology
Astronet Homepage; Horoscopes, Astrology, Psychic, Tarot, Readings
Astro Abby