Fourth Knowledge Lecture:

(Practicus Degree)


The Figures of Geomancy 

and their Zodiacal Attributes  

Puer Puella
Ammissio Rubeus
Albus Acquisitio
Populus Carcer
Via Tristitia
Fortuna Major Laetitia
Fortuna Minor Caput Draconis
Conjunctio Cauda Draconis

The numbers and lineal figures appropriate to the planets are:

Saturn 3 Triangle
Jupiter 4 Square
Mars 5 Pentagram
Sun 6 Hexagram
Venus 7 Heptagram
Mercury 8 Octagram
Moon 9 Enneagram


are formed of the squares of the number of the planet, arranged so as to yield the same number each way. The number of the sum of each column of figures and the number of the total of all the numbers of the square, are also numbers especially attached to the Planet. Thus the number of the Planet SATURN is 3, square 9, sum of all columns vertical, horizontal and diagonal 15; total sum of all numbers, 45. These numbers are then formed into Divine and Spirit Names.

[Note, the following kamea's or magical squares are not to be found in the original documents. They were placed here for clarification) 


Kamea of Saturn 










Kamea of Jupiter

4 14 15 1
9 7 6 12
5 11 10 8
16 2 3 13

Kamea of the Sun

6 32 3 34 35 1
7 11 27 28 8 30
19 14 16 15 23 24
18 20 22 21 17 13
25 29 10 9 26 12
36 5 33 4 2 31

Kamea of Venus

22 47 16 41 10 35 4
5 23 45 17 42 11 29
30 6 24 49 18 36 12
13 31 7 25 43 19 37
38 14 32 1 26 44 20
21 39 8 33 2 27 45
46 15 40 9 34 3 28

Kamea of Mercury

8 58 59 5 4 62 63 1
49 15 14 52 53 11 10 56
41 23 22 44 45 19 18 48
32 34 35 29 28 38 39 25
40 26 27 37 36 30 31 33
17 47 46 20 21 43 42 24
9 55 54 12 13 51 50 16
64 2 3 61 60 6 7 57

 Kamea of the Moon

37 78 29 70 21 62 13 54 5
6 38 79 30 71 22 63 14 46
47 7 39 80 31 72 23 55 15
16 48 8 40 81 32 64 24 56
57 17 49 9 41 73 33 65 25
26 58 18 50 1 42 74 34 66
67 27 59 10 51 2 43 75 35
36 68 19 60 11 52 3 44 76
77 28 69 20 61 12 53 4 45


THE SOLID GREEK CUBICAL CROSS, the Admission Badge for the Path of tau, is composed of 22 squares, answering to the 22 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet.

the Admission Badge for the Path of shýn, represents the Simple Fire of Nature and the Latent or Hidden Fire.


The three upper triangles refer to fýre — Solar, Volcanic and Astral, while the lowest or basal triangle represents the latent heat.

THE GREEK CROSS of 13 Squares, the Admission Badge for the Path of resh, is referred to the sun in the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac, and also in the midst of the Four Elements.

the Admission Badge to the Grade of (3) =[8], is thus referred to the Tree of Life. It embraces nine of the Sephiroth, exclusive of Kether.




Yesod and Malkuth are referred to the triangle below, the former to the apex, the latter to the base. Like the Caduceus, it further represents the Three Elements: Water, Fire and Air. The Crescent refers to the Waters Above the Firmament, the sphere to the Firmament, and the basal triangle to the consuming Fire, which is opposed to the Fire symbolised by the upper part of the Caduceus.      

on the Tree of Life Embraces all but Kether. The horns spring from Daath (Knowledge) which is not, properly speaking, a Sephira, but rather a conjunction of Chokmah and Binah








 No. / Tarot Trump 




 0 - The Foolish Man




 1 - The Juggler




 2 - The High Priestess 





 3 - The Empress




 4 - The Emperor





 5 - The Hierophant





 6 - The Lovers





 7 - The Chariot





 8 - Strength (Justice)





 9 - The Hermit (Prudence)





 10 - The Wheel of Fortune





 11 - Justice (Strength)





 12 - The Hanged Man





 13 - Death





 14 - Temperance





 15 - The Devil





 16 - Tower Struck by Lightning





 17 - The Star





 18 - The Moon




 19 - The Sun 





 20 - Last Judgment





 21 - The Universe







Let the Practicus meditate upon the Symbols of the Rhomboid and the Vesica.

Let him seek out their meanings and correspondences.

Let him contemplate the Symbol Mercury and the Number 8.

Let him now learn to control his emotions, on no account giving way to anger, hatred and jealousy, but to turn the force he hitherto expended in these directions towards the attainment of perfection, that the malarial marsh of his nature may become a clear and limpid lake, reflecting the Divine Nature truly and without distortion.

Let him identify himself with the Powers of Water, considering the Water Triplicity in all its aspects, with its attributions and correspondences.


by Frater S.R.M.D.

In the Tree of Life in the Tarot, each path forms the connecting link between two of the Sephiroth. The King and the Queen are the correlations of the Abba and the Aima in that suit; the Knight or Prince answers to Microprosopus, and the Knave or Princess which was anciently a female figure, is referred to the Bride, Kallah or Malkah.

Combining, then, the material attributions of the Sephiroth and the Path, it results that:

0. Fool =The Crown of Wisdom, the Primum Mobile, acting through the Air on the Zodiac.

1. The Juggler =The Crown of Understanding, the beginning of material production, the Primum Mobile acting through the Philosophic Mercury on Saturn.

2. High Priestess =The Crown of Beauty, the beginning of Sovereignty and Beauty, the Primum Mobile, acting through the Moon on the Sun.

3. Empress =The Wisdom of Understanding, the Union of the powers of Origination and Production; the Sphere of the Zodiac acting through Venus upon Saturn.

4. Emperor =The Wisdom of Sovereignty and Beauty, and the originator of them; the Sphere of the Zodiac acting through Aries upon the Sun, and initiating Spring. 

5. Hierophant =The Wisdom and fountain of Mercy, the Sphere of the Zodiac acting through Taurus upon Jupiter.

6. The Lovers =The Understanding of Beauty and Production of Beauty and Sovereignty. Saturn acting through Gemini upon Sol. 

7. Chariot = Understanding acting upon Severity. Saturn acting through Cancer upon Mars.

8. Strength = Fortitude. Mercy tempering Severity. The Glory of Strength. Jupiter acting through Leo upon Mars. 

9. Hermit =The Mercy of Beauty, the Magnificence of Sovereignty, Jupiter acting through Virgo upon Sol.

10. Wheel of Fortune =The Mercy and Magnificence of Victory. Jupiter acting through Jupiter direct upon Venus. 

11. Justice =The Severity of Beauty and Sovereignty. Mars acting through Libra upon Sol. 

12. The Hanged Man =The Severity of Splendour. Execution of Judgment. Mars acting through Water
upon Mercury. 

13. Death =The Sovereignty and result of Victory. Sol acting through Scorpio upon Venus, or Osiris under the destroying power of Typhon afflicting Isis. 

14. Temperance =The Beauty of a firm Basis. The Sovereignty of Fundamental Power. Sol acting through Sagittarius upon Luna.

15. The Devil =The Sovereignty and Beauty of Material (and therefore false) splendour. Sol acting
through Capricorn upon Mercury.

16. The Tower =The Victory over Splendour. Venus acting through Mars upon Mercury. Avenging force.

17. Star =The Victory of Fundamental Strength. Venus acting through Aquarius upon Luna. Hope.

18. Moon =The Victory of the Material. Venus acting through Pisces upon the Cosmic Elements, deceptive effect of the apparent power of Material Forces.

19. Sun =The Splendour of the Material World. Mercury acting through the Sun upon the Moon.

20. Judgment =The Splendour of the Material World. Mercury acting through Fire upon the Cosmic Elements.

21. Universe =The Foundation of the Cosmic Elements and of the Material World. Luna acting through
Saturn upon the Elements.



This diagram is described in the Practicus Ritual. It shows in a glyph the teaching proper to the Practicus on entering the Sephirah HOD which he has reached by the Paths of SHIN and RESH from MALKUTH and YESOD respectively.

At the summit are the THREE SUPERNAL SEPHIROTH summed up into ONE — AIMA ELOHIM, the Mother Supernal — The Woman of the Apocalypse (Chap. 12) clothed with the SUN, the MOON under her feet, and on her head the Crown of Twelve Stars.

It is written 'So the Name JEHOVAH is joined to the Name ELOHIM, for JEHOVAH planted a Garden Eastward in Eden.'

From the Three Supernals follow the other Sephiroth of THE TREE OF LIFE. Below the TREE, proceeding from MALKUTH is THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE of GOOD AND of EVIL which is between the Tree of Life and the World or Assiah or Shells, represented by the Coiled Up DRAGON with Seven Heads and Ten Horns—being the Seven Infernal Palaces and the Ten Averse Sephiroth. (These are described in the text of the Rituals but are not read to the Candidate at his Grade. When studying this diagram, these descriptions should be looked up, but they are not required for the exam.)

The River NAHER flows forth from the Supernal Eden and in DAATH it is divided into Four Heads:—

PISON: Fire—flowing to GEBURAH where there is Gold.

GIHON: Water—the Waters of Mercy, flowing into CHESED.

HIDDIKEL: Air—flowing into TIPHARETH.

PHRATH (Euphrates): Earth—flowing into MALKUTH.

It is written "In DAATH the Depths are broken up and the Clouds drop down dew."

The word Naher has the meaning 'perennial stream' —'never failing waters' as opposed to other words meaning Torrent or Brook.

The River going out of Eden is the River of the Apocalypse, the Waters of Life, clear as crystal proceeding from the Throne, on either side of the Tree of Life, bearing all manner of Fruit.

Thus the Rivers form a Cross and on it The GREAT ADAM, the SON who is to rule the Nations, was extended from TIPHARETH and his arms stretch out to GEBURAH AND GEDULAH, and in MALKUTH is EVE, supporting with her hands the TWO PILLARS.





Learn first, 0 Practicus of our Ancient Order, that true Equilibrium is the basis of the Soul. If thou thyself hast not a sure foundation, whereon wilt thou stand to direct the forces of Nature?

Know then that as Man is born into this world amidst the darkness of Nature and the strife of contending forces, so must his first endeavour be to seek the Light through their reconciliation. Thus, thou who hast trial and trouble of this life, rejoice because of them, for in them is strength, and by their means is a pathway opened unto that Light Divine.

How should it be otherwise, 0 man, whose life is but a day in Eternity a drop in the Ocean of Time? How, if thy trials were not many, couldst thou purge thy soul from the dross of Earth?

Is it but now that the higher life is beset with dangers and difficulties; hath it not been ever thus with the Sages and Hierophants of the Past? They have been persecuted and reviled, they have been tormented of men, yet through this has their glory increased. Rejoice, therefore, 0 Initiate, for the greater thy trial, the brighter thy triumph. When men shall revile thee and speak against thee falsely, hath not the Master said "Blessed art thou." Yet, 0 Practicus, let thy victories bring thee not vanity, for with increase of knowledge should come increase of wisdom. He who knows little, thinketh he knows much; but he who knoweth much hath learned his own ignorance. Seest thou a Man wise in his own conceit? There is more hope of a fool than of him.

Be not hasty to condemn other's sin. How knowest thou that in their place thou couldst have resisted the temptation? And even were it so, why shouldst thou despise one who is weaker than thyself? Be thou well sure of this, that in slander and self-righteousness is sin. Pardon therefore the sinner, but encourage not the sin. The Master condemned not the adulterous woman, but neither did he encourage her to commit the sin.

Thou therefore who desirest magical gifts, be sure that thy soul is firm and steadfast, for it is by flattering thy weakness that the Evil One will gain power over thee. Humble thyself before thy God, yet fear neither man nor spirit. Fear is failure and the forerunner of failure; and courage is the beginning of virtue. Therefore fear not the Spirits, but be firm and courteous with them, for thou hast no right either to despise or to revile them, and this too may lead thee into sin. Command and banish the Evil ones. Curse them by the Great Names of God, if need be; but neither mock nor revile them, for so assuredly thou wilt be led into error. 

A man is what he maketh himself within the limits fixed by his inherited destiny; he is a part of mankind. His actions affect not himself only, but also those with whom he is brought into contact, either for good or for evil.

Neither worship nor neglect the physical body, which is thy temporary connection with the outer and material world. Therefore let thy mental equilibrium be above disturbances by material events. Restrain the animal passions and nourish the higher aspirations; the emotions are purified by suffering.

Do good unto others for God's sake, not for reward, not for gratitude from them, not for sympathy. If thou art generous, thou wilt not long for thine ears to be tickled by expressions of gratitude. Remember that unbalanced force is evil, that unbalanced severity is but cruelty and oppression, but that also unbalanced Mercy is but weakness which would allow and abet evil.

True prayer is as much action as Word; it is Will. The Gods will not do for man what his Higher Powers can do for himself, if he cultivate Will and Wisdom. Remember that this Earth is but an atom in the Universe, and thou thyself but an atom thereon. And that even couldst thou become the God of this Earth whereon thou crawlest and grovellest, thou wouldst even then be but an atom and one among many. Nevertheless, have the greatest self-respect, and to that end sin not against thyself. The sin which is unpardonable is knowingly and wilfully to reject spiritual truth, but every sin and act leaveth its effect. 

To obtain magical Power, learn to control thought. Admit only true ideas which are in harmony with the end desired, and not every stray and contradictory idea that presents itself. Fixed thought is a means to an end; therefore pay attention to the power of silent thought and meditation. The material act is but the outward expression of the thought, and therefore it hath been said that "the thought of foolishness is sin." Thought therefore is the commencement of action, and if a chance thought can produce much effect, what cannot fixed thought do? Therefore, as has been already said, establish thyself firmly in the Equilibrium of Forces, in the centre of the cross of the elements, that Cross from whose centre the creative word issued in the birth of the dawning universe. 

As it was said unto thee in the Grade of Theoricus: "Be thou therefore prompt and active as the Sylphs, but avoid frivolity and caprice. Be energetic and strong like the Salamanders, but avoid irritability and ferocity. Be flexible and attentive to images like the Undines, but avoid idleness and changeability. Be laborious and patient like the Gnomes, but avoid grossness and avarice." So shalt thou gradually develop the powers of thy Soul and fit thyself to command the spirits of the elements. 

For wert thou to summon the Gnomes to pander to thy avarice, thou wouldst no longer command them, but they would command thee. Wouldst thou abuse the pure creatures of God's creation to fill thy coffers and to satisfy thy lust for Gold? Wouldst thou defile the Spirits of driving Fire to serve thy wrath and hatred? Wouldst thou violate the purity of the Souls of the Water to pander to thy lust and debauchery? Wouldst thou force the Spirits of the evening breeze to minister to thy folly and caprice?

  Know that with such desires thou canst but attract the evil and not the good, and in that can the evil will have power over thee. 

In true religion there is no sect. Therefore take heed that thou blaspheme not the name by which another knoweth his God for if thou doest this thing in Jupiter, thou wilt blaspheme YHVH; and in Osiris

"Ask of God and ye shall have,
Seek and ye shall find.

Knock, and it shall be opened unto you."




This diagram is described in the Philosophus Ritual. It shows in a glyph the teaching proper to a Philosophus on entering the Sephirah NETZACH which he has reached by the Three Paths of QOPH, TZADDI, AND PEH from the SEPHIROTH—MALKUTH, YESOD and HOD respectively.

The Great Goddess EVE, being tempted by the fruits of the TREE OF KNOWLEDGE whose branches tend upwards to the seven lower Sephiroth, but also downward to the Kingdom of Shells, reached down to them and the two pillars were left unsupported.

Then the Sephirotic Tree was shattered. She fell and with her fell the Great ADAM. And the Great Red Dragon arose with his seven heads and ten horns, and EDEN was desolated—and the folds of the Dragon enclosed MALKUTH and linked it to the Kingdom of the Shells. 

And the heads of the Dragon rose into the seven lower Sephiroth, even up to DAATH at the feet of Aima Elohim. 

Thus were the four Rivers of EDEN desecrated and the Dragon Mouth gave forth the Infernal Waters in DAATH—and this is LEVIATHAN, The Piercing and Crooked Serpent. 

But TETRAGRAMMATON ELOHIM placed the Four Letters YHVH of the NAME and the Flaming Sword of the Ten Sephiroth between the devastated Garden and the Supernal Eden, that this should not be involved in the Fall of ADAM.

And it became necessary that a Second Adam should arise to restore the System, and thus, as ADAM had been spread on the Cross of the Four Rivers, so the Second ADAM should be crucified on the Infernal Rivers of the four armed Cross of DEATH — yet to do this He must descend into the lowest, even MALKUTH the Earth, and be born of her. (Psalm 74. 'Thou breakest the Heads of Leviathan in pieces.')

And on the Dragon Heads were the names of the eight Kings of EDOM and on his horns the names of the Eleven Dukes of EDOM, for DAATH having developed in the Dragon a new Head, the Seven Headed Dragon with Ten Horns became Eight Headed and Eleven Horned. (Genesis, 36 31 to 43. Chronicles 1.43 to 54.)

NOTE: The Edomites were the descendants of Esau who sold his birthright. Their Kings came to symbolise unlawful and chaotic forces.