"For those who possess the keys of symbolism the doctrines of Hermes can never be lost; amidst all their ruin, the monuments of Egypt are as as so many scattered leaves which can be collected and the book of those doctrines thus reconstructed entirely." 

"The History of Magic" by Eliphas Levi  


Ancient Civilizations and Mysteries Links


a) Scientific and Classical Sources

Corroborating Evidence on the Reality of Atlantis "Many critics of Atlantis insist that, besides Plato's dialogues, Timaeus and Critias, there is no other independent evidence provided by ancient authorities on the matter. Nothing could be farther away from the truth. Indeed, the ancient myths and traditions of most nations center on the legend of the Flood and on the destruction of Paradise, the original focus of Civilization that is no other than Atlantis."
Atlantis It Is Out There "Obviously, the most crucial question is how and why Atlantis disappeared. This is what I think might have happened. Atlantis was instantaneously shattered when an asteroid, several miles in diameter, plunged through the earth's crust of the Carolina coast with the unimaginable force of 30,000 hydrogen bombs."
Atlantis Scott Stones "The Egyptology Society, an affiliate of the Miami Museum of Science, is pleased to announce the discovery of tangible archaeological evidence which points to the former existence of an advanced civilization that built temples near Bimini which can be geologically dated as being more than twelve thousand years old..
Physical Evidence of Atlantis - Scott Stones "The ruins of temples dated at 12,000 years old have been found near Bimini, Bahamas. Megalithic structures are not supposed to be in the Bahamas."
When The Sky Fell - In Search of AtlantisInformation and theories on Atlantis and Earth's shifting crust
Bimini "...the explorers are happy to announce publicly, that **INCONTROVERTIBLE EVIDENCE HAS NOW SURFACED** from their research that can finally solve one of the most vexing mysteries of recent archaeology in the Bimini area!
Atlantis Found
4-D Proof of Atlantis
A Journey to Atlantis This lovely site has beautiful evocative illustrations
Atlantis From the Sceptic's Dictionary
A Brief History of the Lost Continent  
Ignatius Donnelly and the End of the World This has information on Ignatius Donelly, the author of the first book with extensive research on Atlantis, Atlantis the Antediluvian World, 1882.
History of the Golden Ages 
The Lost Cities of Atlantis, Ancient Europe & The MediterraneanBook Review
The Sunken Kingdom_ The Atlantis Mystery SolvedAtlantis in Manisa, Turkey? Book Review
Atlantis - The Lost Continent Finally FoundDown under the South China Sea?
Atlantis Links 

b) Celtic Shelf
Institute of Metahistory - Main Page
Viatcheslav Koudriavtsev's Hypothesis on Plato's Atlantis
Expedition to Verify the Hypothesis
About the Hypothesis
Map of the Atlantic Ocean
Map of Northern Atlantic
Map of Celtic Shelf

c) New Age, Channelled and Prophetic Sources
Atlantis - An IntroductionFrom the Australian New Age Library
Life on AtlantisChanneled material from the Australian New Age Library
The Accessible Remains of Atlantis
Edgar Evans Cayce - Mysteries of Atlantis Revisited Book Review
Atlantis, Mu and Lemuria
Atlantis Part 1
Atlantis Part 2
Pyramids Below The Water
Atlantis actually found
Atlantis Index
Ellie's Theories and Past Lives in Atlantis
Atlantis Channeled Information


Archaeology, Geo-archaeology, Forbidden Archaeology

The Wild Side of Geoarchaeology Page
Evidence for Major Impact Events in the Late Third Millennium BC
Evidence of Astronomical Aspects of Mankind's Past and Recent Climate Homepage
Introduction to Archaeology (ANTH 110_310)
Forbidden Archaeology



Egyptian Pyramids
Shawn's Egyptology Page
Egyptian Gods_ SummariesShawn's Egyptology Page: Summaries of Egyptian Gods
Greg Reeder's Egypt Page
Hor Portion of Peter Preston's informative work on Egyptology
The Orion Mystery
The Pyramid Matrix and Archaeocryptography.Carl Munck, archaeocryptographer, introduces an ancient Pyramid Matrix, in which monuments - across the globe - encode their exact position with respect to latitude and longitude. The science of decoding these monuments is called archaeocryptography
Reeder's Egypt Page
The Orion Mystery
The American Institute of Pyramidology"The Great Pyramid, was it built as shown to the left? Probably not...How was it built? Who built it? What is its meaning for planet earth? Who was its designer?"
Morgana's Observatory: Controversies (Sphinx)
PyramidsPyramid power and pyramids throughout the world.
Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock - The Sphinx _ Mars Connection Could the sphinx of Mars be proof of an alien civilization as great as our own? (August 17-19, 1996 from the Daily Mail - London)
Gods of the New MillenniumThe Official Website of Alan F. Alford
The Mystery or the Great PyramidBy Alan F. Alford, Author of 'The Phoenix Solution' and 'When The Gods Came Down', interview
Tour Egypt: Official Site of the Ministry of Tourism, Egypt
KMT: A Modern Journal of Ancient Egypt
Sussex College of Egyptology
PYRAMIDDedicated to the proposition that the Great Pyramid is a rational (in the mathematical sense) structure, designed and built by normal people.
Non-Traditional Egyptology.Lot's of more links on Egypt.